The mahogany wood

Standing in nature’s sprawl

Has seen many years

come, rise and fall


Flailing civilization

and dying men

sparkle of new dawn

he has lived through them


And seen a myriad

governance grin

Across the world

Of multitude nations


He has eavesdropped

The travellers and passers-by

Who quench the thirst

Of shade, and sigh


And talk of all the

Worldly selves

But eavesdroppers hear not

good of themselves


And so the mahogany

That has seen many years

Knows its future

to be bleak and blur


For men with axe

Who come to fell

Hardly came before

But their number swells


Standing for years

Resting against a wall

Facing saws and drills

Spitefully rise and fall


T’is a cruel murder

That even natural demise

Would seem to be

A blessing in disguise

 – Akanksha Gupta


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