Silence envelopes the air

Silence still surrounds

The boom of the loudspeaker

The idle chatter of the crowds


And speak thou to none

Let the voice inside speak

And discover inner peace

That each one of us seeks


But absorb thou all sounds

like the blackest of nights

And grope in the darkness

To illuminate the true sight


Whence golden luminescence

And not a pure white myth

For white gives all to all

But no one is perfect


No one can give all to all

Never can, even to subsist

Man must also be selfish

So even Dalai Lama persists


Selfishness and selflessness

Go hand in hand

And when you find both

T’is a peaceful land


In the pursuit of silence

We oft fail to see

It isn’t silence of silence

Wherein soul revels in glee


But silence in the noise

Which is hard to find

And harder to endure

But brings peace to the mind

–  Akanksha Gupta


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