Whispers rose like smoke

Blew like the wind

Settled like smog

And polluted the minds


For they could find

What none could see

With eagle’s eye

buttoned to their feet


The feet which greet

suspicious brains

Full of curiosity

Intended to defame


Those whose names

Are unknown yet

And whose past

Is a secret


Lying in the closet

Like a dead dog

Longing to be kicked

By a drama-hungry folk

 – Akanksha Gupta



A cool breeze

Whispers in my ears

The pleasantries

That you yearn to hear


A change of winds

A gush of rain

A smell of earth

A taste of rain


An empty sack

The heaviest load

Green is the sky

Free is the road


To life a toast

As warm as fire

Tingling like liquor

Burning with desire


The wretchedness of sorrow

The depth of pain

Emotions that call

out but in vain


A melting pot

Of sweet delights

Of endless gifts

And frivolous frights


And of unknown names

Of unknown faces

that fill the world

And its lonely spaces


Know that time lost

In war and peace

Returns not life

Of colours and creeds


But a twist in story

Can bring back; explode

the fragments of land

Into a unified globe

 – Akanksha Gupta


A lonely wanderer

Across lonely streets

Has neither friends

nor enemies


He walks and walks

Not knowing when

The road of life

Comes to an end


He trots as long

As his legs can bear

He trots as far

As his eyes can stare


And that seems to be

like infinity and

his eyes thirst

for a million lands


That stretch their arms

For him to hold

And he makes one

And many a bold


Steps towards his

Destiny; a tryst

that comes to him

With many a twist


Along the winding

unpredictable myth

The much cherished road

Of life and death


-Akanksha Gupta


I will get up

And wash about

me, my house

I will drink

To the health

Of me, my house

I will eat

To fill the tums

Of me, my house

I will work

Hard to earn

For me, my house

Day after tomorrow

I will do all I can

For me, my house

Tomorrow I will plan

The how-to-do

For me, my house

And I will want today

Your support

For me,  my house

For what is mine

Is yours too

Even me, my house

And together

We sink or swim

That is our house

Coz’ everyday’ comes

But the ‘day after tomorrow’

In this blessed house

– Akanksha Gupta


There in the crevices

Of my restless heart

The thoughts of you

Ignite a mighty spark

There in the refuge

Of a bushy thicket

We lay for a period

Infinitely uninterrupted

There in the gulf

Of an endless ocean

We bare our souls

Overwhelmed with emotion

There in the hollow

Of a wide woody tree

Lay nestled in silence

Both you and me

– Akanksha Gupta