Nǐ Hǎo Ma?

Plush red sofa chairs

As comfy as the midnight sun

I freely sit

Its a cold cold world

And in the night

My solitude

I find, a semblance of reality

That wakes me up

Leaves me feeling cold

And outside the window

All I see

What little is left of humanity

Up in embers of smoke

And yet I see through them

The twinkling stars and the shining moon

Beckoning me to a world

Full of flighty delights

And unkempt avarice

My heart stops at once

And melodramatically thumps

Swirling with platitudes

Of suppressed emotions

But I-

I close my eyes

Swipe the touchscreen

Plastering a humble smile

Of utter gratitude

That if I didn’t know me

More than I know you

I think I could convince

My very conscience

And in all honesty can I say

At the end

Of this very painful everyday

“Dear me, I rue,

In this big bad world

How long would I stay

Honest with you too?”

–  Akanksha Gupta


You’ve Got a Hold on my Heart

Facebook replies:



I’m a womanizer dearie


Built with natural charm


When you try to be apart


I send you a notification alarm



We have a symbiotic relationship


You use me and I use you


I have apps and facilities


You force out time to view



I’m like a drug wherever you go


Even a rehabilitation centre


You can never cure of me


We are a joint venture



Even if I’m bad for you


You’re always good for me


I’m an accomplished womanizer


Dearie, I’ll never set you free”

 – Akanksha Gupta


You’ve got a hold on my heart.
No matter how hard I try,
I just can’t seem to let you go.
When we were apart, I was lost.
I didn’t know what to do with myself.
There was a hole where you had been.
But then that changed.
Over time, I stopped missing you.
I became my own woman;
My life was my own, I was free.
And yet I took you back.
You charmed me with your ways.
And now we’re as close as ever.
Despite the fact that I know you’re no good for me,
I can’t help but love you.
Oh, Facebook, why do you do this to me?

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