A Bad Beginning

A bad beginning

Unlike Lemony Snicket’s

Is not spent with

Head in the buckets

Full of fleas, flies, and feasting rodents

A bad beginning

May have a bad end

But what matters most

Lies in the middle of them

Hope you were there when it happened

A bad beginning

May smack of sorrow

But is not bereft

of a bittersweet morrow

Unless you have the emotional range of a teaspoon

A bad beginning

is not lucifer’s omen

As unreasonably assumed

By superstitious women

Who, if I must warn, will start wailing soon

A bad beginning

As a side note

Is a must read

For a spoilt rich bloke

And also for the emotionally stunted persons

A bad beginning

Is quite close

To the bitter

Reality dose

And I pity the person who catches the disease

A bad beginning

However bleak

Was years ago

Publicly released

And I recommend to those who’d read, despite disappointing reviews

– By Akanksha Gupta


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