Off With His Head

Ah… Ere centuries afore

Before the French revolution

Bloody messy decapitators

Wished for a slick solution

So 10 October 1789

Physician Joseph Guillotin

Stood before the French Assembly

And delivered a six-point plan

Said he, despite royal rank

Or nature of offence, the penalty,

To death shalt remain unchanged

Nay affect any in the family

Thus Louis XVI sensing discontent

Banned the painful Breaking Wheel

Appointed physician Antoine Louis

The head of Guillotining Committee

That designed a basic prototype

To engineer the instant death machine

So, ‘Off with their heads’ the King declared

With a newly instated ‘Guillotine’

A guillotine was thence decreed

The most humane form of execution

As the blade falling on the neck

Could not be ‘viewed’ with trepidation

But 1793-1794, thousands of innocents

During Robespierre’s reign of terror,

Were guillotined publicly by the Tribunal

Till the Convention returned him the favour

But not before the bloody messy revolution

Saw the incompentent Kings and Queens

Like Louis XVI with wife Marie Antoinette

Been “Offed With Their Heads” with a Guillotine

However, the fame of guillotine spread

And even Adolf Hitler was in veneration

It is said his personal guillotine beheaded

More than the whole French revolution!

– Akanksha Gupta


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