The stars are in your eyes
The clouds under your feet
And at your fingertips
The skies seemingly breathe

Their breath tickles your face
With sprays of sand and salt
As the clouds disintegrate
And into the sea you fall

The sea’s swallowed the sun
And the tears of the night
Now the night is on the run
Here creeps in the morning light

Through the canopy of leaves
The netted sunbeams prance
They prick away the sleep
And fill awe in every glance

– Akanksha Gupta



On the ground

I heard the sound

and  heard it loud

like a thunder cloud

when the beaten ball

had a mighty fall

on the fresh soil

and at once recoiled

with indomitable force

and changed the course

of the history

and this victory

with the last goal

made the stadium whole

turn heads around

and hands resound

~Akanksha Gupta