Lock and Key

Lurking in the depths of my soul
The hunger unfettered, growls and roars

I grab it tight with both my arms
With fingers unclenched from clammy palms

Yet fear threatens to swallow all sound
The muted ringing of silence surrounds

I dare not open my eyes, and stare
Into the very eyes of despair

On a face that could so easily mirror my own
Had it not been wildly unkempt and so very old

Dazed, startled, I uncurl again, and again glimpse
The future that spins anew with every blink

~ Akanksha Gupta (poem)



Ole friend…
You once promised to stay
Throughout the journey
But in the middle of nowhere
I lost you, you left me

I thought I reached at last
I think was almost there
But, o but alas
I was struck by despair

Broken bones, broken faith,
Broken heart and broken soul
At once gone with the wind
Was me; my life, my whole

Then I called for you, you came
And so did my hope and might
And I revived my little world
Building on by bit and byte

Yes, you were right dear ole friend
You were always there for me, with me
But i forgot you somewhere in the dark
When i met with fear, my ole enemy