Lady Justice

Ear splitting


Hunted and haunted

They are screams

They are screaming

My head is ringing

Despite the silence

My head is filled

With soulful cries

With unheard protests

And endless lies

These wails are prescient

These walls are ancient

And my head is resonating

Across time and tide

My eyes are glassy

Shut tight

And while I may be brazen

On the outside


My head is reflecting

The painful cries

Spilling unto deafened ears

Ears deafened by silent voices

Voices fatigued with endless wait

In a world where

Speech is an improvement upon silence

What prevails is speechlessness

– Akanksha Gupta (only poem)


Silence of the Lambs

When a rush of words

Tumble down

In a jingle of sounds

That somersault

And rhythmically halt

With eyes emoting

And muscles rippling

There is a hush

Settled amidst a crowd

Of eyes and ears

That, until now,

Were tingling

With anticipation

And now

Are listening

In admiration

– Akanksha Gupta


It’s a fleeting moment

When reality ceases to exist

When you can imagine

On this plane; a parallel universe

Or even absolute silence

A moment of peace indeed

Where every idiotic syllable uttered

Doesn’t go down in personal history

Of insanely stupid moments

It’s an ephemeral fulfilment

Of the innermost desires

A time to escape; a place to escape

No obstacle, no predicament, no quagmire

A moment of absolute clarity

Of great insight yet permissible peculiarity

Of simplification of complexities

Of freedom from social niceties

And a moment sans entanglements

No emotional baggage or responsibility

No delusions of grandeur

But an ambience of elegance

A moment of well-deserved


When there is no forced pretence or play,

Neither is it a judgement day

Where you can be you and I can be me

And in this warped reality

That would seem to be

 For just a fleeting moment

A means of escape

A world of you, by you, for you;

Solely built

To suit your tastes

After all everybody needs

A self-styled illusory reality

Where you have the right

At any-time in life

To be or not to be

– Akanksha Gupta