There in the forests deep, dark and sultry

Each and every wispy and sonorous sound

Echoes unbidden the haunting melodies

Of the dead and undead creatures abound


As such; lofty sprites and sky larks prance

Their lithe forms spin gracefully in the air

In a harmonious glorious symphony

Effortlessly, and simply without a care


It is fuel for the soul; It is

The unadulterated passion in their eyes

It is, the palpable emotion in the air

It is, the unmistakable fervor in their voice


That adds to the mystery of legs tapping,

Of adrenaline pumping and hearts thumping ­

To the rhythm of a limitless range that

Can be stretched without screeching or limping


They are crafty strings plucked up with courage

The dainty keys pressed into a tune filled air

The addictive pipes that sway with the wind

The masks that burn with a whipping severe


But music oh what music t’was then

It saw, came and conquered my all

Imprinted the beats, the tune, the pitch

It made me feel one with the world

-Akanksha Gupta


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