the breeze whizzed 
well past my ears
it grew cold and
re-instated my fears

the skies grew dark
an eerie silence hung
a bloodcurdling screech
across the yard rung

time hath come
halted by my side
i stood but still
stopped in my stride

the gravestone eyed
with a monstrous glare
and the scare filled all
through the col’night air

it dearly held on 
to a cursed anagram
undying words engraved
by the dead man

“well, off horrible evildoers,
threatful evil wreaks hollower”
“blood will lie fresh forever,
soul will walk the earth forever”

the grave grew whiter
by the dim moonlight
it lay still in slumber
in the dead of the night

i lifted the large stone
and grew as white-n-cold
for the icy air invoked
many a myth untold

i took a step back
and drew my breath 
the curse was true
he arose from death

it froze the silence
it froze my senses
it grew darker still
and i lay motionless

till morn i lay dead
in the quiet cemetery
and before fleeing rubbed
the epitaph curse-free

as night fell i returned
the grave bore my art
i did the same again
but he lay too intact

for the view still haunts me 
as it haunted that day
when blood trudged on  
yet death had the last say
-Akanksha Gupta


The wintry woes
licked dry my face
like an ice-cream
freezing in the furnace

Its icy fingers
wiped off my tears
like salty lakes
frozen with fear

Its chilly breath
benumbed my bones
like sword scathing
through acerbic moans

its blanched eyes
petrified my blood
like the vile welcome
by Medusa’s head

Its stony heart
clasped my cherub
like a helpless fly
in Charlotte’s web

Its frostbitten lips
kissed me g’night
and i saw the stars
in broad day light