And all the blemishes
went up in a puff of smoke
And all the desires
with chimney soot did choke

And all the latent flesh
ran in my veins around 
And all those fun-filled Flemish
did look at me spell bound
I’m not a chatty chipmunk
I’m not a chinese owl
I’m not a fat birdie
I’m no better than a ghoul”

They grapple for a look
as if its all pantomime
They push down little nuggets 
they think I’ll eat grime?

They stare at me for long
as if I’m a circus clown
They stare even longer
till the sun goes down

I’m not a spotted lion
I’m not an egyptian fowl
I’m not a white tiger
I’m no better than a ghoul”

Yet they tease and wink at me 
like I’m the biggest joke on earth
and call me such cute names
that even in gibberish sound absurd

And when they don’t veer off
I jump and scream at length
But they think i’m cartoon network
even when i’m at my wit’s end

‘I’m not a waltzing weasel ,
I’m not even a horn bill;
But a rabbit behind bars, 
courtesy you human devils.”
-Akanksha Gupta




Invisible steam, furnished from the furnace
with spicy flames that noiselessly knell,
showed the red of a mortuary
making the hapless insides mightily well


it made the skin wry, raw and red –
tingled it to the very core,
oh, it set fire to the rain
that from the heavens did pour


with such force and unseen valor
that it brought destruction in its wake,
and it tortured outwards, not within
for those who might mistake


I couldn’t ask it to stop; could you?
it was ever more deaf than dumb
and so the fiery blades swished
viciously; till all the senses went numb
-Akanksha Gupta