I’m going to a place

You’ve never been

You never can be

It’s only for me

I’m not being presumptuous

And not at all selfish

Its a place where I wake up

Without the morning rush

And I ain’t on a vacation

Nor am I high on cocaine

But the occasion

Is such

That its hard to suppress

The sun-kissed smile

That adorns unbidden

Every shadow, every crevice

And I ain’t at the beach

But it sure feels like one

Where the sun and the ocean

Meet at the horizon

And are overlooked by –

By the mountains

That are ribboned with –

With a river full of fish

And that river flows through me

And I – I flow through it

There is no real difference

That feeling of oneness

When I fall into the ocean

And look up to see

A rainbow greets me

And I feel a sense of

Lucidity, and serenity

That as a consequence

I forget the reality

That awaits me

When I open my eyes

And close them again

A few more moments

Of slumber

To before tranquil was torn


To moments of exclusivity

Back to the freedom of being

In a dream

Without anybody

Where I can be me

A nobody and everybody

– Akanksha Gupta