Life Is Tough

When you fall
When you rise
I can see it
In your eyes
Through the ups
Through the downs
In your smiles
And your frowns
Your eyes can’t hide
An anguish, a pain,
A soul so old
And tear-stained
That I’m forced
To look into them
And yet I –
I can’t divine
What goes on
Closed doors
Of your life
Yet I say
That you may
Believe that
Life is tough
Life is rough
And you can’t
Take in any more
It is enough
The truth is if life
Was all
Sunshine and happiness
You’d never know
Joy from sadness
You’d never treasure
The moments
Of sheer pleasure
For that’s when you know
That though
Life is tough
Life is rough
The inherent beauty of life
Can never be
Ever enough

~ Akanksha Gupta