A cool breeze

Whispers in my ears

The pleasantries

That you yearn to hear


A change of winds

A gush of rain

A smell of earth

A taste of rain


An empty sack

The heaviest load

Green is the sky

Free is the road


To life a toast

As warm as fire

Tingling like liquor

Burning with desire


The wretchedness of sorrow

The depth of pain

Emotions that call

out but in vain


A melting pot

Of sweet delights

Of endless gifts

And frivolous frights


And of unknown names

Of unknown faces

that fill the world

And its lonely spaces


Know that time lost

In war and peace

Returns not life

Of colours and creeds


But a twist in story

Can bring back; explode

the fragments of land

Into a unified globe

 – Akanksha Gupta


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