In this poem, there are a few dirctions to be kept in mind. Initially, it was a li’l problem. But I’ve worked out a solution and a site. It just might help you:-

 Imagine you are a bangle-sized human sitting on the globe –

  1. The ship travels southwards to the equator: the sun rises from the left and sets in the right (sit in the northern hemisphere facing antarctica)
  2. It is pushed further south: it is chased from equator towards antarctica by the storm-blast (sit in the same position on the equator)
  3. It returns northward: the sun now rises upon the right (sit in the southern hemisphere, facing the equator)

That’s easy, isn’t it? NOW, If you want to exactly “see” the route taken by the ship of the mariner, do visit: SUN AND THE VOYAGE. And if you don’t want to see the route, still see it. Ha! Ha!

Wait! you can also visit RIME OF THE ANCIENT MARINER  for umm…everything about the poem.


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