HI ALL! this is Akanksha from India. I am in class 10 right now. This blog has a wide range of literary subjects, literature, poetry, prose, reading as well as writing, confusing grammar technicalities, essays, debates, discussions, historical truths, opinions et al. Feel free to share, comment and enjoy. so I say. READ-WRITE-ROAR. And listen to what i have to say:

when people ask who am i
i simply reply
i’m me
one that no-one can be
from clouds i descend
to pinnacles i ascend
i may have false friends and true foes
i may have times of joy, and sorrows
in life i’d get what to it i’d give
i won’t change as long as i live
i have qualities u may want
i have desires that u don’t
But how-much-ever u try
till you kick or cry
ask why
ponder and sigh
i’ll only reply
i’m me
one no-one can ever be

 hey all, what image do you see in my poem (top vie of an artist’s eye please). maybe, something that tapers down and widens in the middles. perhaps, something upside down. may be ab object. do share with me what you see.


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